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Google Play Books is one of the best e-book services online that you can use to download practically any book you could want from a variety of publishers. Google Play Books lets you choose what books you would like to read and lets you read them anytime, anywhere on your laptop, computer, smartphone, and tablets, even iOS devices.


You’ll need to download the Google Play Books app for whichever device or devices you are planning on reading on (if you have an Android device, you might already have it installed). After that, you will sign in with your Google account just like for any part of the Play Store, and you will have access to the Google Play Books library of millions of titles of e-books. Many e-books are available to read and download for free, while others are paid titles and will require you to have a payment method through Google Play.

You can browse through the Play Books library in a variety of ways. The home page will offer you popular book categories, such as “Best Sellers 2016” or “Top Books Under $5”, or you can browse by genre. If you know the title of the book you want, you can search for it directly and see if it’s available in Google Play Books. Finally, after you have read and rated a book or two, you will start to get personalized recommendations for new books based on your taste and reading history.

Let’s get started by going through the step by step procedures to get the Google Play Books app on your Android device (smartphone or tablet), iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or PC (Mac is okay too).

Download Google Play Books for Android

If your Android doesn’t already have Play Books installed on it, you can download the app from the Google Play Store just like any other application. You will probably be automatically signed in with whatever Google account you have active on your Android device when you install it. If you need to switch accounts or add a new account, you can do that by opening the menu in the Play Store.

Download Google Play Books for iPhone and iPad

If you’re using an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, you will have to download the Google Play Books application from the iTunes App Store just like you would download any app for your device. If you don’t already have a Google account (Gmail), you’ll have to create one to use to manage your books in the Play Books app. When you install the application, use your Gmail email address and password to login – this will allow your books to be synced across multiple devices.

Download Google Play Books for PC and Mac

If you plan to read books on your desktop or laptop computer, you have two options. You can just go to the Play Store website and manage your books there, or you can download the Play Books web app for Google Chrome browser. We recommend using the Chrome application, because it’s the only way you can download books for offline reading on your computer. To get the Play Books app for Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Google Play Books.

Downloading books from Google Play Books

Downloading books from Google is slightly confusing particularly if you want to use them on many devices, but don’t worry; we have some very easy solutions for you.

If you want to download e-books from Google Play Books on your PC or mobile device, there are 3 ways to do it depending on whether your book was purchased, free or a sample. No matter which way you use, all of your purchased books and free books will be in your Play Books Library. Only purchased books or free books are available to download (technically, that is).

Download Google Play e-books from your library

The first way is downloading using Google Play Books Library; you can use this to download certain books onto a certain number of devices (decided by the publisher). Open Google Play Store, choose the Books section, and log in using your Google account. Find the book you want to read in your library (note that you can’t download books that have the word “Sample” on the cover because it is not a complete book, and not all of your purchased books are able to be downloaded- it is the publisher’s decision).

Now, move the cursor over your desired book, and a menu button will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the book. When you click on it, you will see the file types that are available to download: PDF or EPUB formats for free books, and purchased titles are downloaded as ACSM format with digital rights management “DRM”. Books in ACSM format can be downloaded and read using Adobe Digital Editions software unless you go through the somewhat complicated process of removing the DRM stamp, which will convert them to normal PDF files.

Removing DRM from ACSM e-books

If you want to be able to read your book on unlimited devices or using a normal PDF reader instead of Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to remove the DRM stamp from the downloaded e-book. To do this, download the program Adobe Digital Editions from the Adobe home page, and once it is finished downloading, run the program and open the ACSM file for the e-book you want. Now, right-click on the opened book and select the option “show in explorer”. A window with the book is going to open; leave it for now, we’ll come back to it in a minute.

Next, you have to download and install the application Caliber from the following link: This program will let you remove the DRM format after we add the DRM removal plug-in by going to: (note that you have to uncheck the option of using the site download manager). Download the plug-in, extract the zip file, and then open the folder named “DeDRM_calibre_plugin” and copy the file “De_DRM_plugin” to your desktop.

Google Play Books Download

Open Caliber and open the additional menu options. Click on “Preferences”, then under the “Advanced” tab, choose “Plug-ins”. Now, load the file that you have copied to the desktop and restart the whole program. Re-open Caliber and go to “Plug-ins”, expand “file types” and choose “DeDRM”. Choose the “Adobe Digital” option, and then click on the “plus” button (it is going to make an encryption key). Apply changes and restart the program again. Now go back to Adobe Digital to the explorer window you have open, and drag this file to Caliber. It will remove the DRM format from the e-book, and now you have the regular PDF file and you can use it with any device.

Download free e-books from Google Play Books

The second way is downloading e-books using the Google Books search engine. This way works only with the free books, not purchased ones. Open the page of the book you want to download and read in Google Play Books. You will see a gear icon in the upper corner; click on it, and then choose the format you want to download, PDF or EPUB (EPUB has more features but isn’t available for all books).

Download e-book samples from Google Play Books

The third way is a trick used to download book samples, which technically aren’t able to be downloaded from Play Books. We’re going to use Google Book Downloader, a totally free application that only needs the URL of the book page and it will automatically download the available pages of the book (after all, it’s just a sample). Copy the book URL that you want to download, and paste it in the “Google Book URL” box. Then choose the format you need and click “Start”. The download may take a long time if there are many pages or you have a slow connection.

Download Google Play e-books on mobile

Finally, to download e-books on your mobile devices, open Google Play and select the Books section or open the Play Books app directly. You can search for your desired book from the upper search bar; if it’s a free book, you can download it and add it to your library without any additional procedure; if it needs to be purchased, tap on the “BUY” button and enter your account information to access your payment method. After purchasing, you can start downloading the e-book using the same procedures detailed above for PCs.

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