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There are some applications that we are almost indispensable when it refers to a smartphone . To begin , we need a browser, a messaging application , a file browser … and we think is the most vital , because it provides us with all we need app and games : Play Store or Google Play, the official market from Google.

In Google Play available not only have more than 7,000,000 million of applications , a huge amount is further augmented by books, music and movies you can rent as many as you buy . In conclusion , all our source of entertainment and tools for Android passes Google Play Store. Besides thanks to our account but we spoil or lose the terminal when we return again to reinstall all installed app automatically, which we now long . We can even buy gift cards for other people and that they are spent on the content that most interests them . That is why it is a shame not to enjoy the app that comes not only reinstated in our terminal , whether smartphones or tablet.

But there are times when we see the Play Store to ignite our tablet. This is something that can easily occur if the tablet we bought is Chinese , is a clone or simply we have bought second hand or we have given is rooteada ( a released Android version you have administrator permissions ) . Many times this type of tablet do not have Google certification , which means it can not take all the applications preinstalled on this company , including of course the Play Store app store . That’s why you need to install it on our own, but do not worry because it is very simple and fast, that we show how to quickly in a few steps .

Play Store Download for Tablet

Let the way you download and install Google Play for tablets in a simple and fast way and step by step .


The first thing to do is download the apk on your computer file whose link we leave it here or simply search the internet Play the APK Store to find tablet soon . You can also download it directly to our application and tablet so you will not have to pass through then USB . Remember that we must try to have the latest version of Google Play and we must try to download it from any website that gives us some security . We leave our archive below:

Once we have downloaded the file to the SD or internal memory of our tablet, we just have to go and check the ” Allow installation of applications from unknown sources ” that we find in Settings> Security.

We are now the APK file, which will probably be on the ” Downloads” if you ‘ve downloaded from the tablet. But with a file browser (which can easily be found on the net as free FileTransfer ) look for the file and open it .

You just have to follow the installation steps , create our Google Play Store account and enjoy all the immense possibilities it offers.


It was much simpler than what you were thinking , right? Hope so and if you have any further questions or have not Play Store get installed in your tablet with these steps , do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will try to lend our aid as quickly .

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  1. i want to download playstore grandson accidentaly uninstaled it..i cannot download it back

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