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At this point where we are when it comes to the market applications Google Play no longer need to do any kind of presentation , is that this platform Google – formerly known as Android – is one of the most used around the world to download all types of digital content , from applications , video games, and books, to movies , magazines, and complete discographies of our favorite artists.

The fame of this market of applications has exceeded all forecasts , is that at present the figures speak for themselves: In July last year 2013 it was announced officially that Google Play had gotten over a million published applications and already had occurred more than 50 billion downloads.

Something that is really surprising and perfectly illustrates the impact they are having portable devices in society today , which is unable to leave home without your smartphone or tablet and where Google Play has become a tool more than necessary.

Download Play Store for PC

Conversely , if we do not have any portable device operating under the Android operating system, how can we be able to enjoy the wide range of possibilities offered by Google Play ? , Can we , for example, install and download Google Play in our PC? . A simple and direct answer to this question would simply not because Google Play as such and only official versions can be downloaded and installed on Android devices.

However, a view further we discover that we can install Google Play on our computers , to enjoy any game or application that this market offers us . How? , Very simple, since we only have to install Blue Stacks, an emulator of the Android operating system.

For this we only have to access the official website of the emulator BlueStacks and download their installer ( less than 10 MB in size) , through which we can enjoy all Android applications directly on a large scale on the screen of your computer personnel .


Download BlueStacks link

BlueStacks App Player works very easily and do not need great computer skills to make it work, as it is installed like any other program allowing us to use all types of Android applications and games from the Windows operating system, perfectly emulating the appearance of a screen smart phone or tablet in our monitor.

And how can we download apps ? , Is just as easy to do it from Google Play ? , Of course they do , because BlueStacks also incorporates a service to download applications from the same program which can be used with our mouse and Similarly keyboard if it were a touchscreen.

We can say without fear that the response of Android emulator for Windows that lets you install Google Play on PC is perfect, even in those games or applications that require the accelerometer to simulate the action of your mobile device .

Another of the more interesting options that integrates BlueStacks is the ability to sync your Android phone with the emulator , so that we can access each and every one of the applications that we have on our phone , except to run in an large screen .


Undoubtedly , if we are considering the possibility of installing Google Play on our computer, Blue Stacks is one of the best options to consider just to be able to enjoy all the Android applications on our personal computer .

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    • this is for everyone first you download bluestacks which makes android apps work in pc then you share your playstore app from android to pc through some means like bluetooth or shareit etc…

    • i wanna playstore android apps for my pc…..without bluestacks… can i get the playstore? any body help me plzz

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  2. you can download this app easy. press download and in the screen down your pc is did write a something. you need to press open and wait for download. after install press open. its for PC windows 7 to 10

    • search play store and there will be an option of ‘download play store for pc’.and there u will find out a way.i have downloaded the same way.

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