Play Store Download For Smartphone: Get The Most For Your Android Device


We’ve all been there – wondering how to get a decent Play Store download for smartphone. The truth is, downloading the APK Play Store file is something only a small percentage of people need nowadays. This is mostly because of the fact that the Play Store comes as a standard application in nearly all new smartphone models that support Android.


Why Don’t You Have The Play Store Pre-Installed On Your Smartphone – And How To Do That…

However, there are still some devices that don’t support Google Play from the start – and ones that need a decent Play Store download for smartphone from the beginning. The reason why this application is so needed nowadays is simple – without it, you cannot download any applications, you cannot play games, watch movies or read books.

Simply put, the Android Google Play Store download for smartphone is a must-do for all users who doesn’t have it pre-installed on their smartphones. In most of the cases, this is because they have a rooted version of their operating system or because they bought a Chinese smartphone clone.

Whatever the case is, there is a solution to the Play Store smartphone download issue – and we are sharing it below.

How To Download Play Store For Smartphone: Your Go-To Android Guide

So, let’s explain all the steps needed to install Google Play for FREE on your smartphone.

The first thing you need to do is to check what type of operating system you have on your smartphone. Whether you bought it from China, some reseller or had it rooted recently, it is always important to check the Android version that your smartphone supports. Because of the cloned operating system or the rooted terminal, you probably don’t have the Play Store installed on it.

After you check the version of your Android, you should know two things:

  • if your Android version is newer than Android 2.3, you can immediately download the Play Store APK file for smartphone and install the app. Simply click on the link below to have the latest version of Play Store in an APK ( the executable file of the Android app ) file.
  • if your Android version is older than Android 2.3, you should follow the steps that we are listing here to install Play Store on your smartphone for free

Download & Install The Play Store For Smartphone In A Few Minutes

The first thing you should do if your Android version is older than Android 2.3 is to go to Settings > Security and allow your smartphone to install apps for unknown sources. To do that, you only need to check the box on ‘Allow installing apps from unknown sources‘ found in the Security panel.

If you have downloaded the Play Store for smartphone on your computer, you can either transfer it to your smartphone via WiFi or the USB cable. Still, the best way to download Play Store for Android smartphone is to do it directly from the smartphone.

Play Store Download For Smartphone: Get The Most For Your Android DeviceThe best way is to visit our website from your smartphone and start downloading the APK Play Store file – and then proceed to installing it. If you have troubles with locating the Play Store file on your smartphone, just visit the ‘Downloads’ section – and it should be there.

Did not manage to find the APK Play Store smartphone file on our website?

Feel free to visit Google and search for ‘Android Play Store APK download’ and locate the file from another website. And if you have troubles with locating the file on your smartphone, feel free to use an app called ‘Android File Browser’ which you can get from Google in the same way.

As soon as you locate the Play Store APK file for smartphone, run it and follow the instructions during the installation process. Congratulations – you now have installed the Play Store directly on your rooted (or cloned) smartphone device!

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