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Download Play Store Mobile is very simple and most times simply unnecessary. This is because almost all terminals preinstalled application and this means that we can enjoy it directly to our mobile turn first . However this is not always true, and sometimes plays Play Store download at terminals that have rooteado (or received already in ROOT mode), Chinese and other terminals clones that do not have official Google certification . This certificate is that Google allows all authorized applications are preinstalled on the smartphone shift ( Now Google , Gmail , Haungouts , Play Store, etc. . ) . But as you can see download and install is easy , especially if you count on the link and you download the APK file, then we leave the tutorial.

Play or Play Google Store is the application that will get the majority of applications and games to enjoy content on our phone. In addition to the millions of applications that we enjoy , we have an equal amount of free games a few months and also magazines , books , music and movies ( to download, or rent for a lot less ) ago. It also has a very neat interface and allows us to quickly and securely when not find download downloading directly from the network. Well , once commented on some of the main features of this essential app , you go through the tutorial and the link we get to Play Store on your phone.

How to install Google Play Free Mobile

If you have a ROOT terminal or one of those terminals, mostly from China, as Google does not meet the requirements to install the official market applications, you just have to perform the following steps :

The first thing to do is check what version of our operating system . To do this we will go to settings and go down to the last tab that reads About phone. Entered it and there we can see what our version of Android. If this version is less than Android 2.3 , we can not download Google Play. This is because in previous versions the app he used was Android Market , but we just search it on the internet ( it is very easy to find) and follow the same steps and can install.


If we have a version of Android 2.3 or higher , simply click on the link below to have the latest version of Play Store in an APK ( the executable file of the Android app ) file.

Once you have downloaded the . APK , if you ‘ve downloaded on your computer have to pass the file through our usb cable or any other method the terminal. You can also download the application directly from your mobile , which is much simpler.

One very important thing we need to do before installing this app on our mobile ability is the option ” Allow install apps from unknown sources  Security. “>This option will find it in Settings > Security.

If you have spent the app from our computer , now we have to search where we placed with a file browser . In case you do not have one installed , you only have to put in the search box Google ” Android file browser ” and numerous websites where we download it free appear . Some of the most popular are Astro or ES File Explorer. In case you have downloaded to your terminal just have to address and click the download icon or look in the notification bar.


Once you find the file we just have to open it and follow the instructions to install it. Then we can enjoy our latest Play Store.

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