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In November 2013, Google launched a new application called Google Opinion Rewards which has recently become very popular in the Android world. Android users love this application and rush to download and start using it. Why the excitement? By filling out weekly (more or less) surveys, they can earn money to use for purchasing apps, games and more from Google Play Store. This means they win credit in their Google accounts (i.e. it stays in your Play Store balance and can’t be used to send to your bank account, for example). If you have an Android device and a Google account, you’re already halfway there to be able to use Google Opinion Rewards and gain easy money.


Basically, Google Opinion Rewards is a market research tool and you will be paid by Google to use it. Just provide answers to the surveys it provides, and Google will pay you varying amounts of credit that you can spend in the Play Store. In Opinion Rewards, surveys are basically created by researchers for academic and commercial use, and your answers are anonymously combined with other people in your demographic and passed on to the researchers unless otherwise stated up front.

Most surveys are brief, with 1-5 questions, and you can quickly build up a sizeable credit by answering some quick questions every now and then. The surveys in the app are simple, a few questions to be answered, and privacy and secrecy are guaranteed. Only the companies concerned in these surveys are allowed to access the answers of Google Opinion Rewards users.

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

For each survey you fill out you gain up to $1 or more according to the survey (10 to 40 cents on average). You will be asked to enter some personal information before starting filling these surveys so that they can tailor questions to your demographic group – after that, you can start making easy money out of them. When you fill out any survey, Google will reward you real money with which you can purchase apps, media or in-app purchases from the Play Store. You may receive even more than $1 if you get lucky and get matched with one that pays more because of the number of questions. You will receive notifications for new surveys, you’ll be guided to fill them out, and then you get paid. Simple as that.

If the app doesn’t work in your country (new countries are being added constantly, though), there are many ways to use it even if it’s not available; just use an American proxy IP.

It’s true that you won’t get cold, hard cash, but the Google Play credits rewards are real and very much appreciated by Android users who like premium apps (which are usually ad-free). You can redeem these credits for any Android apps, music, movies, music, e-books, or e-magazines from the Play Store, and you can also use your Google Opinions Rewards balance to pay for in-app purchases. The deal here is that you need to give your personal opinions over to Google, no matter how truthful you might be (although we recommend being honest, more on that later), and then Google sends them to marketers and companies who are seeking consumer views.

When you download the Google Opinion Rewards application and sign up, you’ll receive a bunch of surveys each month, depending on your demographic info (popular opinion is that women seem to get more survey opportunities than men, and that 30-39 is the age group that gets hit with surveys most often, although there isn’t any real data to back up these claims). You’ll be asked a few short multiple choice questions, and the rewards you get can vary anywhere from 1 cent to $1 or more; it depends on the quantity of information you give and how long the survey is. As Google owns this app, connecting the earned Play credits to your Google account happens automatically (as long as you’re logged into Google Opinion Rewards and the Play Store with the same account), and  then you can redeem them for anything you desire in the Play Store. Books and movies tend to cost more than apps and will therefore need more credit, which will take more time to earn, but just one or two surveys could be enough for an app.

How to get started with Google Opinion Rewards

Getting started is easy. Download the app from Google Play Store, launch the app, enter your Gmail to connect your account, provide some personal information and get started! You will get surveys roughly once a week, sometimes more or less often, but you will get notification on your phone anytime there is a new survey ready for you. Surveys will be short, relevant, and sometimes repeated. They won’t take much of your time. You may be asked subjective questions like, “Which logo is best?” or questions about your personal situation or shopping habits, like “When do you plan on traveling next?” or “Have you been to eat at a specific restaurant chain recently?”

Earn Play Store Credits with Google Opinion RewardsMake sure to turn on your phone’s geo location to make it easier for Google to send you questions that are related to the area you live in. Some people recommend taking your Android phone with you to as many places as possible to try to trigger location-based surveys, especially malls and shopping centers. I personally recommend answering survey questions honestly because often there are trick questions to see if you are being truthful or not. Just the other day, I was asked if I subscribed to a video streaming service that doesn’t actually exist. I answered “No” and was sent several more questions that totaled $0.41. Some people claim they get more money by giving the answers they think the survey wants to hear, but eventually they slip up and get a warning message from Google telling them to answer honestly.

So basically, if you have access to Google Opinion Rewards, there’s absolutely no reason not to start using right away. Go ahead and download the app (it’s free!) and never pay for apps or other Play Store purchases again!

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