Download Google Play Store For Free On iPhone and iPad


If you own an Apple iPhone or other iOS device (like an iPad), it’s possible to download the Google Play Store for free to your device. It’s a relatively simple process that won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to download and install the Google Play Store.

How to download and install the Play Store on iOS device

STEP 1: Click the blue App Store icon on your iPhone. If you have a lot of apps already installed on your iPhone, you can find this App Store app by going to the first screen of apps – it should be right next to your purple iTunes Store app.

STEP 2: Look for the “Search” button on the bottom of the screen. There will be a magnifying glass logo right over the word “Search.” Click on this button.

STEP 3: Type in the words “Google Play” in the search box. You’ll see the app auto-generate a list of potential app prospects. Highlight “Google Play Store”.

STEP 4: Click on “Google Play Movies & TV”. This is the app that you need to have if you plan to watch Google Play movies or TV shows on your iPhone. There is a separate “Google Play Music” app for playing music.

STEP 5: Click on the “Get” button. This button will now transform into the “Install” button. Click again.

STEP 6: Sign in to your Apple account with user Apple ID and password.  Hit “OK” when you’re done.

STEP 7: Wait for the app to download to your phone. If you are downloading the app via Wi-Fi this might take 60 seconds, so be patient. The app will be fully downloaded when the blue circle has been fully completed.

STEP 8: Click the “Open” button. You are now inside the Google Play Store app! If you have recently downloaded content from the Google Play Store, it will already be waiting for you within the app.

Download Google Play Store For Free On iPhone and iPad

As you can see from the steps above, it is completely free to download the Google Play Store. Just remember: the Google Play Store app on an iOS device is not the same fully-featured app that you would have on an Android device. For example, the only content that you can watch with your new Google Play Store app is content that you have already downloaded on an Android device.

However, having the Google Play Store app on your iPhone gives you a very easy way to transition between a number of different digital devices. You can download a movie on your Google Chromebook, for example, and then watch the movie on your iPhone at some later date. The content automatically syncs, making it easy to start, stop and continue movies across devices.

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Install Facebook Messenger App For Android From Play Store


Facebook Messenger is a free computer multi-platform instant messaging that uses our Wi-Fi connection or connection data of our mobile which has a service that helps us to communicate by text and voice with other users of the social network Facebook in real time. This application is designed under open source (Message Queue Telemetry Transport). This protocol is oriented to the communication of sensors, because it consumes very low bandwidth and can be used in most embedded devices with few resources. This makes it an ally of Facebook Messenger application for both Android and iphone.

Facebook Messenger has a freeware license and its release to the market was on August 9, 2011 for Android. Its latest stable version is Android released on January 11, 2016.

In the following steps we will see how to install step by step this App on our phones without fail in the attempt.

8 easy ways to install your Facebook Messenger app for Android from the Play Store

1 – Find the Google Play Store.

We open our Play Store icon on our mobile located in our menu of mobile applications.

2 – We type the phrase Facebook Messenger.

A list of applications will appear in our application browser. We must be careful to look for the correct App.

3 – Which icon to choose.

Once the name of the application is written. We will see in the list our desired App called Messenger developed by Facebook. The logo of this App is a sky blue. Click on it.

4 – Installing our App.

Within the information of our application, we review the requirement of the same for our mobile, read and after being agree we accept the terms of connection and continue.

5 – Wait for the download of your App.

The weight of this App will be between a range of 32 and 40 mb, so this download will depend on your connection to your Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Do not despair if it is taking a long time, good is yet to come.

6 – Launch the incredible application.

Install Facebook Messenger App For Android From Play StoreTo open your application you can do it from the “open” button in your download window of your Play Store or, if you prefer, close it and look for the Icon in the applications menu of your mobile.

7 – Log – in the application.

Once opened our App, this will ask us to enter with our Facebook account. This can also generate the option of changes of user accounts.

Users in the United States, Canada, Peru, Venezuela or Australia have the possibility to register without having a Facebook account. How? Using their telephone number, but will only be limited to chat with their contact list associated with their mobile.

8 – Enjoy the application.

After what we have achieved we will be able to see all our Facebook contacts and all the past conversations. We will also be able to open the chat and close it at our whim and a notification bubble will leave for notices when we have new messages to read.

You can also create chat groups between your phone or Facebook contacts, send attachments such as images, videos and stickers, and you’ll even have the option to be invisible so that you can talk to a particular friend without others seeing your status Connection.

You can allow the application to show your location so your friends know where you are from. This feature is also optional, and lastly, this application only consumes sending messages at a cost of 36.36KB including geolocation, which makes it very feasible for many people who do not have a Wi-Fi network.

Now that we understand how Facebook Messenger works, we can use it with comfort to be connected to all our friends without having to open our Facebook App or our browser to be able to chat directly with them.

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