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Google Play Store for Android devices is pretty much overflowing with great applications, games and downloadable entertainment content. Here we tell you how Play Store Download Apps.


The applications you can find in the Play Store run the gamut from addictive games, communication and social media apps, and tools that make daily life easier.

You can get an idea of the incredible variety of free apps available to download in Google Play by looking at this list of the top 20 free apps.

Play Store Download Apps: Top 20 Free Apps

  1. WhatsApp

Play Store Download AppsUnsurprisingly, WhatsApp Messenger made its way to the number one spot. This is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide, thanks to its great features and free messages and calls made over Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp also has options for picture and video messages, recording audio messages, group chat and video calling, along with a huge library of emoticons to choose from. Your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile phone number, so it is not compatible with tablets at this time. WhatsApp is free to install and free for the first year of service, after which it is $0.99 per year.

  1. Facebook

Play Store Download AppsThe mobile application for Facebook comes in at a close second. Again, not a big surprise considering it is by far the largest social network in most of the world.

The Facebook app allows you to do just about anything you would do on the web version: post statuses and photos, share posts, stalk your ex, create events, comment on your friends’ status/photos/videos, etc. The only exception is that the instant messaging feature has been moved to its own independent app (see #3 below).

  1. Messenger (Facebook Messenger)

Play Store Download AppsFacebook made an executive decision to streamline its primary app by moving the instant messaging feature to its own separate application, and if this list is any indication, it appears to be doing quite well. Chatting in the Messenger app is a lot like chatting on the web on Facebook: you can write and receive messages in real time, post emoticons and stickers, share location, add photos and other media, etc.

When the app is closed, a little Messenger bubble lingers on your home screen (unless you dismiss it) which gives you, for lack of a better term, desktop notifications of new messages. If you use the Facebook mobile application, Messenger is the natural extension and a must have.

  1. Google Photos

Play Store Download AppsGoogle Photos is a great way to store your photos safely in the cloud, easily accessible from your computer or Android device, and free up space on your phone or tablet. Depending on your privacy settings, you can set certain photos or albums to automatically post to your Google+ profile when you upload them into Google Photos, which couldn’t be more convenient.

Google Photos also comes with basic photo enhancement and photo editing tools. You can store videos here too! For Android users, for whom disk space is precious and scarce, Google Photos is the best and most convenient way to back up your multimedia and share it with whomever you like.

  1. 64 Games- Super Max Adventure

Play Store Download AppsAs you can guess from the picture, Super Max Adventure is closely inspired by Super Mario. In fact, the game feels very similar to the old side-scroller game, as close as possible without infringing upon any copyrights. Your character, the very familiar looking Max, moves through different levels on a map, collecting coins, eating burgers instead of mushrooms to grow bigger, and throwing baseballs instead of fireballs at red snakes and pink snails that serve as Max’s obstacles from start to finish.

This game will be enjoyed by everyone except the most diehard of classic Mario fans. The game is suitable for all ages but may play ads that are more appropriate for older children.

  1. 360 Security- Antivirus Boost

Play Store Download AppsThis app from 360 Security claims to be “the best memory boos and mobile security app”. Judging from the number of downloads and 5-star ratings, this statement appears to be true. 360 Security promises to increase the speed of your Android device and improve battery life by optimizing background apps and cleaning up your memory and old cache files, all while arming your device against threats from viruses, trojans and  other malware.

This security application also has a range of anti-theft features. For anyone who needs to free up some space on their device and also wants to protect it against malware and theft, 360 Security is the best app to do all of this and more.

  1. Instagram

Play Store Download AppsThe original photo sharing and editing app, Instagram, updated and better than ever. This is the app responsible for the trend of adding filters to photos taken with your camera phone to make them look more artistic, and by extension the hashtag #nofilter.

Take pictures or videos, edit them with filters or Instagram’s other advanced tools, and share them with your followers. Meanwhile, see the world through the eyes of your friends, favorite celebrities and Instagram photographers as you follow them and receive updates on their new pictures and videos.

  1. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!

Play Store Download AppsCooking Mama Let’s Cook is a sweet little game that is great for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 or so. While I wouldn’t say that knowing how to read is strictly necessary to play Cooking Mama, it is definitely helpful. In this game, you help Mama in the kitchen making a variety of dishes for Papa, which is done in multiple steps with arrows to guide you as you swipe in various directions to chop onions, grind meat, or put frosting on cupcakes.

The bright colors, fun repetitive sounds and no-fail, encouraging attitude from Mama makes it ideal for children who are still developing their reading and motor skills.

  1. AliExpress Shopping

Play Store Download AppsThe shopping application AliExpress Shopping was designed for people who are smart about their time and money. Shoppers can choose from over 100 million different products which are purchased directly from the manufacturers in China, cutting out the middlemen and saving lots of money in the process.

In addition to the everyday low prices, AliExpress offers daily deals, frequent promotions and coupon giveaways. Making purchases from AliExpress is quick, easy and secure, and you can chat with sellers and track your packages so there is never any doubt about your order.

  1. Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

Play Store Download Apps: Clean MasterClean Master is the second security application to make it into the top 20 Play Store apps. With over 600 million downloads, a good portion of the world’s population has placed their trust in Clean Master to protect their phones and tablets with antivirus and antimalware programs, as well as improve their device performance and security.

Clean Master can clean up your device and background apps to improve speed and free up memory, and prevent your device from overheating. In addition, it offers AppLock security features to keep strangers and nosy friends from viewing your SMS messages, Facebook, and multimedia files.

  1. Spotify Music

Play Store Download AppsSpotify, the same music application you love to use on your computer is also available to download on your smartphone and tablet so you can listen to your favorite playlists anywhere you go.

Use Spotify to create custom playlists or listen to playlists created by other users. Search by genre, mood, activity, and more. And discover new music by letting Spotify show you similar artists to the ones you already love.

With millions of songs to choose from, Spotify has music for every moment in your life.

  1. Flippy Wheels

Play Store Download AppsFlippy Wheels is a crazy rag-doll physics game full of cartoon violence and blood. You must navigate your character on his bicycle through many dangerous obstacles in thousands of user-created levels.

The goal appears to be causing as much damage to your character as possible without actually killing him. Flippy Wheels is really designed for people with a darker sense of humor.

Because of the violence and cartoon blood and gore, Flippy Wheels is recommended for ages 18+.


Play Store Download AppsThe classic PC game has made a very successful mobile debut. The idea is simple: you begin as a tiny dot, and you must zip around the screen, eating food and smaller players to grow, while avoiding the bigger players who are trying to eat you!

Mastering is harder than it sounds and actually involves quite a bit of strategy; it is cutthroat, fast-paced and very addictive!

When you create an account you have the option to customize your dot with your favorite colors, an image, and/or text.

  1. Geometry Dash

Play Store Download AppsGeometry Dash is a fast-paced, exciting game with a classic arcade look and feel. As your game piece dashes in a non-stop side scroller, you must leap over dangerous spikes and jump to great heights to continue safely on your way.

Gameplay is simple, in theory, but very challenging and quickly becomes an addiction.

The lite version currently has 8 levels available, but trust me, it will take you plenty of time to conquer them all. Geometry Dash is appropriate for all ages.

  1. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Play Store Download AppsExactly what it sounds like: a super bright LED flashlight for when you need a super bright flashlight.

Helpful for peering into small, dark places, searching under the bed for your other shoe, and finding your way safely to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight is the number 1 flashlight app in the Play Store. This flashlight app also comes with a strobe light feature, if you’re in party mode.

  1. LaLiga Fantasy Manager Official

Play Store Download AppsLaLiga Fantasy is the official fantasy football (soccer) game of the BBVA League. Create your own soccer team based on your initial fantasy budget, and challenge your friends in public and private leagues.

Player ratings are based on actual, real-time data from games played in the Liga BBVA. As you improve as a manager, buy and sell players to make your soccer team even better. Invite your friends to join for even more fun and friendly competition.

LaLiga is suitable for players of all ages.

  1. Skype

Play Store Download AppsThe popular desktop application, Skype, is also available to download in the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices. Use Skype to stay in touch with everyone near and far with free Skype video and voice calls, instant messaging, and low rate calls and SMS messages to mobile phones and landlines, even internationally.

You can also use Skype to share pictures of your favorite moments with friends and family. Since Skype is available on essentially every device, it’s a great way to stay in touch with everyone you know, whether they are in the same town or half way across the world.

  1. CM Security Antivirus

Play Store Download AppsCM Security Antivirus may be the third on the list of top security applications, but it has consistently been rated #1 by the independent organization AV-TEST, which tests and evaluates all anti-virus products on the market and awards the best programs based on their effectiveness at detecting viruses and how user friendly they are.

In addition to their highly rated antivirus, CM Security also has advanced privacy features to protect your phone’s contents from prying eyes, or prevent children from making accidental purchases. The convenience, speed, and multilayer protection of CM Security can’t be beat – this app has won against even paid/premium security applications!

  1. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Play Store Download AppsAnyone who is a Despicable Me fan is a minion lover, and anyone who is a minion lover will love this game. Minion Rush is a fun and humorous action game where you and the minions must collect different fruits to make jams and jellies, while dodging different obstacles depending on your location.

This is a heavy application that takes up a lot of memory and frequently downloads updates, but the game itself is pretty flawless and worth it, overall, if you are a true fan of these little guys. Each level brings you to a new yet familiar location, such as Gru’s lab, Minion Beach and even the moon! Because Despicable Me: Minion Rush was designed with families in mind, parents can set it up so that their children can’t make unauthorized or accidental in-game purchases.

  1. Wallapop

Play Store Download AppsWallapop is a virtual flea market for your Android phone or tablet, where you can sell your old stuff for free to local buyers, or buy awesome secondhand or vintage items from sellers near you.

Wallapop allows you to make sure you’re getting what you pay for and saving on shipping costs by meeting in person to make the transaction. No unpleasant surprises when you receive your purchase! It’s also a great way to be a responsible, sustainable shopper, by giving items a second life and even upcycling things, completely reimagining them.

Do you want the best Play Store Download Apps? Then you will find in this list. Enjoy!

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