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Before talk about Play Store APK, we will tell a little introduction. Ever since the birth of Android, the operating system present in many phones, there were many developers from Google scratching the surface of real possibilities. In other words, before 2008, the whole world was unaware that there is a new reality to be created that will make our life easier, make us more informed, more connected to each other – but also the benefits that the Internet brings.

So, what happened in 2008? It was the year when the Google Play Store or Android Market was born. Formed as a digital distribution platform created and maintained by Google, the Play Store has made our lives easier. Simply put, the Google Play Store has become our window to the world, making us connect in a better way and praise the glory of the technology.

Play Store APK Download: The Complete Guide

Play Store APK Download

Play Store APK Download

What Is The Google Play Store

The Play Store is a platform made by Google, that allows users to browse and download various applications that are developed custom for the Android operating system and afterwards published by Google. Apart from the applications, Google Play Store is a source for media, including movies, podcasts and music – but also magazines, television programs, books etc.

Although the release of Google Play Store was in 2008, the official launch of Google Play – a platform that connects various devices in an integrated approach, was 4 years later, in 2012. Nowadays, we can read books, play them as well, watch movies and TV, play games, get a grasp of all the magazines and simply put – access every bit of information from our mobile screens.

Simply put, Google Play Store is the heart of the Android, allowing it to run smoothly but most importantly – allowing it to download, install and open every application. It is a cornerstone of the ecosystem led by Google and a critical part of the Android operating system.

People nowadays use the Google Play Store as their one-stop shop for applications, books, movies, magazines, music, TV shows and more. It is the ultimate place where Google makes buying and downloading all of the things mentioned above easier, and it has been the trending spot for many popular games nowadays.

Now, we will go through every segment of the Google Play Store step-by-step.

Google Play Store Apps, Games, Movies, Music And Reads

GOOGLE PLAY STORE APPS – With the Google Apps, you can finally transform your phone in your most useful device. From premium calculators to amazing messengers and many, many, many other types of apps, you can enter in the Google Apps world by simply tapping the ‘Apps’ field in the home page of Google Play Store.

Play Store APK Download

Play Store Apps

There are millions of apps live on Google at the moment, downloaded by thousands and millions of people regularly. You can sort the apps by the most downloaded, the best ones free on the market and the best ones you can pay. All of the apps are bright, colorful and have a certain purpose. Apart from searching for the best and the most downloaded apps, you can search Google apps by categories, whether you need communication apps, entertainment apps, education apps, business apps and many other categories.

If you are facing troubles with downloading apps on your Google Play Store simply because your phone restricts downloading these formats, you should definitely check the Google Play Store APK version which is presented below this mini-guide.

GOOGLE PLAY STORE GAMESGames are one of the biggest reasons people love Android. Simply because Android has been the one-stop destination for developers to promote and earn money from their games, this opportunity has transformed into a wide competitive marketplace of games for your phone. From the most basic ones challenging you to think and make a move, to the most popular and addictive ones that make you tied with your phone to those with great graphics and amazing gameplay similar to the games on the computer.

Play Store APK

Play Store Games

You can see recommended games based on your purchases or downloads but also your network of friends. You can see the most popular ones in the moment as well as many other categories. In general, game listings are not different from app listings, and you can download a game easily – with a tap on the download button, after which it will be automatically installed to your phone.

If you are facing troubles with downloading games on your Google Play Store simply because your phone restricts downloading these formats, you should definitely check the Google Play Store APK version which is presented below this mini-guide.

GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES & TV – If you want to watch everything and even sync it to your TV, Google lets you do that through the games section of the Play Store. You have the top charts to the right and also the genres of movies on the left, making your search for the next movie to be extremely easy.

Play Store APK

Play Store Movies & TV

If you are facing troubles with downloading movies or TV shows on your Google Play Store simply because your phone restricts downloading these formats, you should definitely check the Google Play Store APK version which is presented below this mini-guide.

GOOGLE PLAY MUSICKeeping abreast of all the popular tunes, beats and music styles is made easier – once again by the Google Play Store, that lets you browse through music in a unique way. The most interesting thing about Google offering the Music section of the Play Store app is the ability to subscribe. Google offers a subscription of music which once purchased, grants you access to all of the music that is on sale. The name of this feature is called All Access. However, if you don’t feel like paying for music subscription, you should know that this section is relatively similar to the ones we mentioned above, having collections, sales, categories and nifty reminders.

GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS – This section of Google Play Store has been one of the most progressive categories which has been expanding over the years, counting a variety of fiction, nonfiction and comic books. You can filter the books by category: fiction, nonfiction and others or even see the best free books that Google Play Store offers. Reading books on your phone via the Google Play Store is easy, since the formats used in the Play Store fit to every screen.

Play Store APK

Play Store Books

If you are facing troubles with downloading music on your Google Play Store simply because your phone restricts downloading these formats, you should definitely check the Google Play Store APK version which is presented below this mini-guide.

GOOGLE PLAY NEWSSTAND – This Newsstand is an app optimized to bring you the latest, most popular and global newspapers and magazines and is definitely different from the others. However, browsing is easy and you can download any new publications and buy magazines in the similar way you buy books – and yet again, read and digest your text in a mini format on your smartphone.

Play Store APK

Play Store Newsstand

The Newsstand section includes several categories – top magazines, new magazines and top news which are combined for both free and paid sources. Therefore, you can explore the Newsstand for free magazines or pay for your favorite magazine easily.

If you are facing troubles with downloading news or magazines on your Google Play Store simply because your phone restricts downloading these formats, you should definitely check the Google Play Store APK version which is presented below this mini-guide.

Google Play Store Settings

The Settings section is what comes next for exploring when inside the Google Play Store. Although it is not recommended to come to the settings often, there are some things that every Android user should know when having an Android device in use.

Play Store APK

Play Store APK Settings


  1. Notifications – If you want to be notified about apps or games that you are downloading at the moment or want to receive a notification after they have been downloaded, you should tick the Notifications box right next to the first tab, Notifications.
  2. Auto-update appsApps that are automatically updated can be smooth, however also a burden to many – just because of the fact that they are taking up more and more space with every new update. But if your phone supports that, it is essential that you do updates. IF you want your apps updated automatically, make sure to select from the options under Auto-update apps, the second tab in the Settings panel.
  3. Add icon to Home screen – If you hate that the icons show on your home screen after every download, you can un-tick this box and prevent the apps showing on your home screen. You can easily access them however in the menu.
  4. Clear search history – This is a pretty self-explaining feature, which lets you clear your Google search history.
  5. Content filtering – You can filter the content that is shown on every section of your Google Play Store, by simply tapping this option and selecting whether you want the Play Store to show apps for low, medium or high maturity people, or have the standard Show All Apps option checked.
  6. Require Authentication for purchases – This should be always checked on your phone. It refers to the authentication needed so you confirm the app, game or book purchases and prevent any misdeeds.
  7. Open source licenses – The last feature shows the open source software and its license details.

Google Play Store Compatibility Problems

Now that you have come to this point, you surely know everything about the Google Play Store. However, many people are struggling to get their hands on the best apps and games – just because their phones are ‘somehow’ not compatible with the recent version of that app or game.

You are probably wondering what is left in situations like these..

Today, we will show you how to download Google Play Store APK – the only way to have everything on your phone – without any compatibility issues plus a way to access more than your phone allows in the Google Play Store.

Download The Google Play Store APK

The Google Online APK Downloader is the best way to install the official Android Market on your device and be worry free of any potential compatibility issues.

Play Store APK

Play Store APK Download

If you are facing issues with the Google Play Store app on your mobile phone or tablet, you can start exploring the limitless possibilities at one step away – that is to download Google Play Store APK file.

Some of the most important things to know before downloading Google Play Store APK are that:

  • it is free
  • it lets your phone download every game or app even if it is shown as not compatible when in the normal Play Store
  • if is safe
  • it is free of any errors
  • it won’t harm your phone or its performance

So, if you want to download the Google Play Store APK, you can finally do it for free! Just as every version of the Google Play Store normally, you can download the Google Play Store APK newest versions at ease!

In reality – no one wants to be limited when having an Android phone. The best way to prevent this is to download the Google Play Store APK and be stress-free of any worries.

Download Google Play Store APK – Version 6.1

The latest version of the Play Store APK is 6.1 and can be downloaded for free. This version features a new Google Play font in the search bar and a better optimization effort linked to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Now, instead of waiting to get a better phone, you can easily start exploring this new version at a single click – and download Google Play Store APK 6.1 right now!

But how to install the Play Store APK 6.1 file?

How To Install Google Play Store APK After Downloading It

If you still don’t know what APK means, it basically refers to the .exe files we all use to install particular programs on our computer. Therefore, APK is a format that is custom-built and in which a new program is zipped – with a single difference that it runs on mobile devices.

Instead of downloading an app from the Play Store, you can install Google Play Store APK directly on your phone or with your computer. Let’s cover both of the options.

Install Google Play Store APK On Your Phone – Step by Step

  • Step 1 – Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ by going to Settings > Security, and tick the box that is next to Unknown sources. If you are afraid because of the unknown sources enabling you have done, you shouldn’t – because unknown sources are in other words the locations outside of the Play Store, with which you must install the APK Play Store. (Don’t forget to uncheck this option once you’re done)
  • Step 2 – Open the browser on your mobile and go to this post so you can download the latest version of the Google Play Store APK.
  • Step 3 – You may receive a warning message that says that the file may harm your device, which you should ignore because these authorities are safe.
  • Step 4 – After downloading it, open the APK file of the Google Play Store (you can directly open it by opening the notifications tab), read its permissions if there are any and tap Install.
Play Store APK

How To Enable Unknown Sources on Android Settings – Image Credits: @ AndroidPit

Install Google Play Store APK On Your Computer – Step by Step

If you don’t have a decent mobile internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile, there is an alternative which lets you download and install Google Play Store APK from your computer. The process undertakes 4 steps and is shown below:

  • Step 1 – Just like the mobile method (and the screenshot below), the first step uses your mobile, and going to the Settings to enable the Unknown Sources feature.
  • Step 2 – Open the browser on your computer and go to this post via your computer browser in order to download the latest version Play Store APK from your computer.
  • Step 3 – Connect your smartphone with an USB device to your computer and just copy the Play Store APK file to your Android.
  • Step 4 – Once copied, find the Play Store APK file using the search method, accept the permissions and tap on Install.

Problems With The Google Play Store APK on Your Mobile – EXPLAINED through Troubleshooting

Google Play Store APK Troubleshooting

if you are facing any problems with your apps, it is simply because of the Google Services Framework. If you can obviously see problems, lags or cannot open the files when visiting any of your apps, don’t worry – simply because the Play Store can communicate with apps on your device and therefore automatically update them, causing problems with the Play Store and Play Services.

To resolve this problems, it is essential that you do every one of the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings and then Apps
  2. Scroll down and tap Google Play Store
  3. After opening the Play Store tab, tap Clear Cache
  4. Do the same process for Google Play Services

Note: If this doesn’t help you, you may need to root your Android device – which can be best done with a professional rooting service.

Google Play Store 6.1 APK – What’s New

If you are still in doubt whether you want to download the latest APK version of the Play Store, here is what novelties it brings with its 6.1 version.

There are many changes and bug fixes that the Google Play Store APK 6.1 brings to the Android world, and if you have been experiencing lags, failure when opening the Play Store or any potential problems with this app – it is time to download the new Play Store APK 6.1 and get rid of the bugs.

The new release of the Play Store offers two new sections:

  • Apps & Games and
  • Entertainment

which are easily categorized in the front screen. The distinction is obvious, and relates to the Apps & Games section having all the things you want to play with after installing, while the Entertainment section offers movies, music and books.

Play Store APK

New Play Store APK

Apart from this diversification, the Google Play Store APK download definitely behaves better on every device and makes tapping and swiping quickly and easily. Instead of lagging and being buggy, the new Play Store APK download responds fast and interacts as a true responsive app made by Google, something it actually is.

Some of the icons have also changed with the new Play Store APK 6.1 change, which explains the new Google logo and the interface of the app preview, which is now clearer and great for using.

A Final Word On Downloading The Google Play Store 6.3.13 APK

The Play Store 6.1 APK version has started running a few days back, however it may take longer depending on the various device present and connected to the Android version, as well as the regions users are located. Therefore, if you haven’t got the update still, it’s maybe time to download the Play Store APK from the links we provided above, site-load it and start running it.

The best feature about the new Play Store APK is its integration with the 6.0 Marshmallow version by Android, based on the 6.0 images which makes the synergy amazing.

Play Store 6.3.13 is the last version of the APK. It contains security enhancements and performance. It is not essential, but it is always good to have updated our system.


Happy downloading!

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