Play Store APK: How to Download and Install the Last Version


Downloading and installing Google Play Store APK can be a simple 5-step process.


How to download and install Google Play Store APK

1. Check the current version

This is an activity that is equally important for both – people who already have a certain Google Play Store app installed on their Android device and those who don’t have any version of this app. Conducting this checkup is very easy.

  1. Just start the Google Play Store app (in case you have one).
  2. Open the settings tab and look for the numbers (separated in three sections) at the bottom. This is the version of your app. The latest version at this moment is 7.7.09.N-all.

2. Locating a Google Play Store APK file on the Internet

Just like any other type of mobile app, Google Play Store comes in the form of an APK file which you can download from many different sources on the Internet. However, you should be careful and focus only on online sources that are trustworthy and well-established. This web is a reliable online sources where you can get the latest version (and previous versions) of this application.

The best part is that you can download this APK file directly to the smartphone, tablet or another Android-based device. It’s worth mentioning that some experts recommend downloading Google Play Store APK on a desktop/laptop computer first. After checking the app on your computer, you can transfer the file via USB cable to your device and move it to the Download folder where you can continue with the installation process.

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3. Enabling third-party app installation

This is a default setting in Android OS. In order to enable third party app installation go to Setting and Security. Obviously, you need to enable the option to install applications from other sources. This is a default security setting set by Android developers that you must turn on manually. This is the reason why the operating system will ask you one more time whether you are sure that you want to allow this. Feel free to click Ok.

4. Use a file browser to locate and install Google Play Store

Different Android devices come with different file browsers. The vast majority has a pre-installed browser like File Manager, File Explorer, File Commander or something similar. In most cases, this is the app that allows you to view and use files stored on the external or internal memory. The way these browsers work are similar to Windows OS.

Once you enter the file browser, find the folder where you have stored the Google Play Store APK file. After finding it, click on the file. The window that pops up will ask you about the installation method – choose Package Installer. Wait for the installation to finish. Depending on the version and source, the installation process will end up with an automatic launching or without it. In both cases, you will notice the Google Play Store icon on the list of apps and possibly on your main screen (in the form of a shortcut).

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Install Google Play Store APK On Your Phone Or Tablet – Step by Step

  • Step 1 – Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ by going to Settings > Security, and tick the box that is next to Unknown sources.
  • Step 2 – Open the browser on your mobile and go toΒ this web so you can download the latest version of the Google Play Store APK.
  • Step 3 – You may receive a warning message that says that the file may harm your device, which you should ignore because these authorities are safe.
  • Step 4 – After downloading it, open the APK file of the Google Play Store (you can directly open it by opening the notifications tab), read its permissions if there are any and tap Install.
Play Store APK

How To Enable Unknown Sources on Android Settings – Image Credits: @ AndroidPit

Install Google Play Store APK On Your Computer – Step by Step

If you don’t have a decent mobile internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile, there is an alternative which lets you download and install Google Play Store APK from your computer. The process undertakes 4 steps and is shown below:

  • Step 1 – Just like the mobile method (and the screenshot below), the first step uses your mobile, and going to the Settings to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ feature.
  • Step 2 – Open the browser on your computer and go to this web via your computer browser in order to download the latest version Play Store APK from your computer.
  • Step 3 – Connect your smartphone with an USB device to your computer and just copy the Play Store APK file to your Android.
  • Step 4 – Once copied, find the Play Store APK file using the search method, accept the permissions and tap on Install.

5. Turn off the option that allows installation of apps from unknown sources

The last step is not necessary, but it is highly recommended. Once you are finished with the process of installing Google Play Store, restore the same setting regarding the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Enjoy downloading apps from Google Play Store!

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