Play Store Download For Android – Step By Step Guide


If you are interested and looking for a clean, safe and virus-free Play Store download for Android, you definitely need a good source and a solid instruction manual in order to complete the installation process.


In most of the cases, people need Play Store download for Android either when they buy Chinese phones with operating systems or when they root their Android devices and completely reinstall the operating system. In cases like these, the device is not authorized to download any applications and needs the official Google Play Store app in order to do that. Aside from the Play Store download for Android, the applications on your device won’t be authorized simply because the terminal is rooted (is released and has additional administrative privileges and the possibility to install ROMs).

How To Download Play Store For Android On Your Device

It is safe to say that the benefits of getting the Play Store download for Android are enormous. One of them is the fact that the application can find any type of content including a lot of games, apps, music, movies and everything you want to watch and interact with online. Basically, the Google Play Store is the window to the world of Android. Without it, your device is practically useless and locked in with the standard set of applications.

Before you download Play Store for Android, you need to check the compatibility of the application with your current Android version. To do that, visit Settings > About on your phone or tablet and check the Android version. If it is newer than Android 2.3, you can download Google Play Store for Android for free and without a single issue.

However, if your Android version is older than Android 2.3, you need to check out our step by step guide on how to download and install Play Store on Android for older versions.

How To Download Certified Google Play Store On Your Android Device

To start the Play Store Android download, you should first head to Settings > Applications and check the box that says ‘Allow opening files from unknown sources‘. This is only to allow the installation of the Play Store APK file download which you can get on our website or by searching Google for it – as well as installing apps from sources other than Google Play.

Once you download the Play Store Android APK from our website on your PC and transfer it to your Android device via WiFi or USB cable – you are ready to install the Play Store on your Android device. However, the easiest way is to download the file directly from your Android smartphone or tablet after searching for it on our website.

If you decide to do so, just go to your ‘Downloads‘ folder and you will find the Play Store APK file. Click on it and the file will initiate and start the installation of Play Store on your device. After opening it, follow the steps and instructions. If you notice that the application overwrites your application OS, just click on OK after the update for that appears on your screen.

How To Download Play Store For Android Without A Digital Signature?

If you have a Chinese terminal and operating system that is a copy on some of the most popular phone models, a clone of a phone or a root phone that comes without a Google certification, the best way to download Play Store for Android is to follow the previously mentioned steps.

Play Store Download For Android - Step By Step GuideSo, just head to Settings > About Device at start, check the version of Android. If the version is newer than Android 2.3, download the Play Store on your device. And if it is older than Android 2.3, follow the instructions below.

How To Download Play Store For Android That Is Older Than The 2.3 Version?

First, download the Play Store for Android APK from our website. As soon as you do that, before make sure to go to your device Settings > Privacy and choose the option ”Allow install applications from Origin unknowns” , as we did in the previous situations. Repeat the same steps.

And if you have root access, the process is a lot more easier. With your administrator permission, you can easily download Play Store for Android APK file with CWM recovery as a .ZIP file on your SD card or internal memory (named ‘ Market_2.3.6 – ‘). Just run the file, restart the terminal and enjoy using the Google Play Store!

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