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Although it is not common , if one day you may touch download Play Store , the official Android market also called Google Play. This is something that can happen to you if you buy a smartphone or tablet with a version of Android that Google does not have certification , but not always. This means that Google has not authorized your applications (Play Store, Google Now , Gmail , Haungouts , etc. . ) Are pre-installed at the terminal , which can occur if you have a Chinese terminal , an Asian clone any device or simply because the terminal is rOOT (root is a terminal that is released and has additional administrative privileges and the possibility and install ROMs ) .

Of course , the advantages of having us install this application are enormous. For starters, it is an application in which we can find virtually any type of content , including millions of games and apps , books , music and movies to download and watch online . All this in a fast and totally secure . It certainly is the essential application that should count in your terminal and that is why we are going to teach in a step by step tutorial how to download Play Store and install Android .

How to Play Store Download for Android

First of all we have to check what is the version that has our our device. What we see in Settings> About this phone or tablet. In the event that the Android version is equal or superior to Android 2.3, we can download free Google Play Store smoothly, but if earlier we will not . This is because earlier versions of android have the previous version to the Android Market Play Store calls , but later will also show how to install it . For our version of Android permits, we just have to download the APK file from the link that we leave then , as I discuss below .

How to download Play Store on Android devices certified Google

First we go to Settings> Applications and activate the square that reads ” install applications from Origin deconocidos Allow“. This allows us to install app from sources other than Google Play.


Now download the APK file on your PC and then took our Android terminal via a WiFi transfer system or directly to the USB cable. Of course we have the simplest system is to download directly from your Android smartphone or tablet .

Once we have the file on our device , we will open the file browser you have installed on your terminal. If you do not have one, on the Internet we can access pretty good free many as FileTransfer . In case you have downloaded from your mobile or tablet will surely be in the Downloads section .

Now i am just open it and follow the installation instructions in the app . If we notice that it will overwrite an application OS , simply click on OK appears .

How to Play Store for Android Download without digital signature

If instead we have a Chinese terminal , a clone or root phone without Google certification , the steps are almost identical.

To begin we will have to go Settings> About phone to see which is our version of Android. If later, just downloaded from the link that I ‘ve left before and repeat the above steps.

Download Play Store stop before Android 2.3

We will have to find the latest version of Android ie 2.3.6 . Before installing have to ability the option ” Allow install applications from Origin unknowns ” , as we did in all situations and repeat the last steps always.


If you have root access if anything is even easier. With administrator permissions, it will download with cwm recovery through the Install from Sd Card ( Market_2.3.6 – ) function. After restarting the terminal will be installed and we can enjoy it without problems.

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