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Download Google Play Store


Download Google Play Store for PC and Android is very useful. You will have access to millions of the latest Android apps, games, music & more.

Download Google Play Store for PC and Android

LAST UPDATE: DECEMBER 2023 – Download the most recent version of Play Store: 38.4.20 (Android 5+/Android 10+). Files sizes: 58.97 MB/55.68 MB. Use Google Play Store for PC or Android freely. Then follow through our guide to install Play Store.


Download Play Store for PC or Android

How to Install Google Play Store for PC and Android

Once you have already downloaded play store (either for Android or PC), you will need to install the APK file. Here we offer you a full step-by-step guide to install Google Play Store for every single device (Android, PC, Mac, iO, etc). We included images, videos and more.


How to install Play Store for PC or Android

Google Play Store for PC, direct install?

NO, Google Play Store only runs on Android, so we will first install an Android Emulator (we will use BlueStacks) and then Install Play Store for Android in that emulator. The result? We will be able to use Google Play Store in our Android emulator, therefore on the PC. This is fully explained in both previous posts (links on the images above).

Google Play Store for Tablet, direct install?

99% of the times, YES. Most tablets run on Android, so you will install Google Play Store for Android like every time you do it. If you have an iPad (Tablet from Apple) it will NOT run on Android so you won’t be able to install it properly. If you have an iPad, you will need to go through our iOS tutorial.

Google Play Store for iOS?

You will be able to install Google Play Store for iOS, but no directly. Play Store only runs for Android OS, so you will need to jailbreak your iOS device (fully unlock it), then install an intermediate app that will let you run PlayStore, and finally install it on Android (because you will be also using an Android emulator).

Google Play Store APK, what does it mean?

.apk is a file extension exclusively created for Android operative system. It is meant to be used on Android devices, and because of that we can only use PlayStore for Android. If you want to use Google Play Store in other devices that do not run on Android (like iOS, PC, etc), you will need an Android Emulator. We do explain how to install Play Store in other operative systems.

Is Google Play Store FREE?

Yes, absolutely free. We will give you the Google Play Store APK FREE and we will also explain to you how to install Play Store in a fully detailed guide. Everything for free.

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