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How to fix the Google Play Store download pending error

The number of Android users is blinding, and so are their problems with the Google Play Store. It’s needless to say that every app can struggle through the glitches, and when the matter of pending download is concerned, that is nothing but pure frustration because people tend to be really needy for the apps.


We are sure you’ve encountered the issue of download pending, and if you’d like to listen, we have rounded up some practical yet easy ways to fix the pending download issue. So, follow the below-mentioned helping steps and get yourself the app you’ve been dying to get your hands on!


Check for the Downloads and Updates


There are multiple moments when the app isn’t downloading because the auto-update option is on, and the previous apps are being updated. Moreover, if you are downloading the multiple apps at a time, the problem can occur all the same. To stop this fiasco, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the menu on Google Play Store and head over to My Apps & Games.
  • In the menu, you will see the apps that are being updated or download and stop the progress, click on the cross button adjacent to the app.
  • As soon as you click the cross button, the update or the download will and the focused app will start downloading.

The Connection

If you are using the Wi-Fi, there are high chances that your app might stick for some time because Wi-Fi might be connected, but the signals can be weak at some point.


In that scenario, you need to restart the modem, and if the download still doesn’t progress, switch to the mobile data for downloading the app. However, before you frustrate over the fact that the app isn’t downloading on the data, make sure you’ve turned on Google Play Store downloads on data in the settings.

The Mighty Storage

This is the reason more than people can ever imagine, and the app wouldn’t download given the insufficient space (talk about putting the elephant in a cabin!).

So, before you put any app for the download, make sure your phone has enough internal or SD card storage. If the storage is low, you can get your hands on the higher capacity SD card or delete the excessive files from the phone to create space.


Many people laugh at this option, but believe us, sometimes rebooting is all that’s needed to make the app fall in the menu of your mobile phone. So, restart the mobile phone before moving on to the techy solutions, which hardly work as compared to this amazingly effective solution.


If you are the person who is into shortcuts and nary technicalities, you need to download the APK files of the apps off the browser and install in your phone rather than dwelling into the Google Play Store.

Clear Cache

Cache is a big burden on every phone, and when the cache is on Google Play, it can affect the downloading speed of the app. So, go to the settings, look for Google Play, and clear the cache from the menu.

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